Finally taking the oath

I’m happy to read that the Court of Appeals is now allowing the passers of the infamous nursing licensure examinations of a few months back to finally take their oath.  (To go to the Philippine Star article, click here).   I felt sad for those who were affected, more so when the different sides started to weigh in on whether or not the results should be invalidated altogether, a retake be done, a recalculation, etc.  Having taken the Bar Exams myself, I know how terrifying an experience it can be, knowing that your future and the family name is on the line.  It becomes doubly heavy to know that people who knew you took the examinations are actually waiting to see what fate will befall you once the verdict is in.  What’s worse, this kind of scandal taints the whole batch and Philippine nurses in general in the eyes of the international community, and this is truly sad because we have such a good reputation overseas.  Filipino nurses here in the US are known to be very professional and yet caring.  

When I gave birth at the Tisch Medical Center of the New York University in 2004, the nurse who assisted my OB-Gynecologist (whom Alan calls Paula Abdul because she looks like her =) was a a very friendly Filipina nurse named Maria Elena.  She went by the monicker M.E.  That was really comforting considering besides assisting me, my Mom needed calming.  She hadn’t as yet witnessed a live birth ever, her own children having been born via C-section.  The anesthesiologist who was doing my epidural wanted to tie her to her chair because she kept pacing while he was trying to concentrate on putting in that needle, until he finally told her to sit down or leave the room.  (To his credit, he said it in a nice way, though.)  M.E. brought my mom to the cleaning table when Angel was being weighed and cleaned up, that is why the first hand my son held was my Mom’s.  She even called out to Alan who was holding the camera to take a picture, but in his confused state, I have none of Mom actually looking at the camera while holding the boy’s tiny hand.  (Men!)

The damage is done and those responsible must be made to pay, but the innocent should not be needlessly punished for pursuing their dream.  Congratulations to the passers of this year’s Nursing Board Examination..

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