Busy, busy, busy bee

Between working on a dozen projects (personal and business -related) and my iffy wireless connection, I gave up on trying to write a blogpost before midnight last night. 

Neris’ scrapbook is taking shape and I’m pretty proud of what I’ve managed to put together.  My postcard collection has proven a good source for additional graphics.  I have a ton of spare New York postcards for trade and to send, so I’ve been interspersing the pictures we took with actual postcards of the view or topic on the scrapbook page.

I woke up to darkness although it was already past 6AM.  Soon our clocks will move forward.  It will be dark earlier, too.  It’s been rather cold.  I took out one of my winter coats yesterday and wore it to work — good decision, it turned out.  It was freezing when I left the office at past 6PM when Alan picked me up.  No, it’s not yet scarf and gloves cold yet.  But your denim jacket or blazer won’t do you much good unless you’re jumping into a well heated car. 

The color of the leaves have been changing the past few weeks but with all the rain and wind we’ve been getting, they’ve ended up a soddy mass on the pavement.  I remember my first fall here in 2000 when I went around collecting beautifully colored fall leaves that had fallen — not quite dry yet, but no longer green — and I pressed them between the pages of our phone directory and my thicker tomes.  I still sometimes come across one in my rarely opened cookbooks.  I have the frames I created up in the attic.  Maybe I’ll take one or two down and bring them to the office.

Time to finish my cup of coffee.. take a shower and head on out the door.  As Bear says on ‘Breakfast with Bear’ on Disney, “Hey, it’s a brand new day!” 


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