Crying one's self to sleep

Have you ever found yourself just breaking out into tears as you tried to find sleep at night?  Last night, the tears just came.  Maybe I just felt tired.. sometimes, even when there is no major emotional upheaval to trigger something like that, it just catches up with you and the tears fall. 

0 thoughts on “Crying one's self to sleep

  1. I’ve experienced this. You cry for no particular reason, and when you do, you feel much better. The tears must be all the bottled up emotions we refuse to let out, the emotions we don’t know what to label… They may not be tears of sadness, self-pity, anger, regret… yet they bring about emotions that have to be let out. Perhaps that is why we need to cleanse ourselves without having any particular reason to do so.


  2. Mandy

    I so totally know what you mean. It happened to me last night. I wasn’t sad or upset about anything . But as soon as my head hit the pillow, here came a flood of tears. Cried my eyes out, cried myself to sleep, and cried so hard that my abs hurt. Had to throw my pillow in the dryer when I got up it was so wet from all the tears.


  3. Dinna

    Toni, I so agree about the need to cleanse one’s heart from time to time. The good thing is that it gave me renewed strength, Alan and I have talked, so I am fine. It really helps when I articulate what is otherwise intangible.


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