Friday date with Summer and Dinner at EARTH NYC

I didn’t know where we were going, only that we were going out.  I told my mom on my way out that we weren’t eating dinner at home, and she smiled and said “again?” with a teasing smile.  The last time was Friday last week.  Alan and I took our couple friend, Jeff and Jackie to A.O.C. or AOC L’aile ou la Cuisse . (For the original post on our new favorite French bristro, click here.)

First, we went to find my favorite hair designer, “Summer” (formerly of Dramatics NYC near Union Square”) who’s now with Lifestyle Salon NYC located at 822 Broadway (cross street is 12st Street).  Summer is great with haircuts and coloring, and she sculpts my very short hair so elegantly I hate it that I don’t always have the time to seek her out when I need my hair trimmed.  (I usually end up settling for something less somewhere more convenient.)  She’s there on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and an appointment is a must, so do call them at 212.228.5577.  It took us forever and a day to find her after she left Dramatics NYC — but now that I have her back on my radar, I’ve already set my next appointment, just right before we go to Paris.

Dinner was at a new place Alan wanted to try out called Earth NYC located on Tenth Avenue between 17th and 18th Street.  If you’re one for ultra spicy Thai, Indonesian or Indian cuisine, then this place is worth the effort to find.  The interiors greet you with a definitely Asian flavor but with a pronounced modern twist.  Alan found his favorite lychee martini on the cocktail menu and quickly ordered one and it got his seal of approval — so much so he had two.

When we go and try a restaurant that deals with some regional cuisine, we try to order one dish we are familiar with and use that as a yardstick for how close they are to the tastes that we are used to.  He skipped his appetizer but I tried their Tom Yum Goong which was a major palate wake upper because it was spicy beyond ultra spicy.  Fortunately, our busboy, Santiago was quick on the draw with the water to wash down the lingering spiciness.  I’ve always known Tom Yum Goong since I first tasted it at Sukothai Restaurant when they first opened in Makati Avenue back in the day.

For our entrees, our waiter Slawek was very helpful. I had the Bo Luc Lac from Vietnam which is supposed to be “Shaking” beef in Garlic Sauce.  It’s pretty much your usual sauteed beef but with the onions tasting just a tad bit different due to a spice I can’t put my finger on.  It was not particularly sharp in flavor, but tasty enough not to be considered bland.  Alan chose the Drunken Shrimp from Singapore which was red-wine infused shrimp sauteed in garlic.  Yum..  The portions were single plate meals served with rice.  Dessert was the Lemon Charlotte which is described in their menu as swirls of delicate raspberry roulade pastry with a lemon mousse in the middle.  The balance between tangy and sweet was just right so it was a perfect way to cleanse the palate.

Price point is around $50 per person, cocktails are reasonably priced.

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