A windy, windy Saturday

I woke up to the sound of the wind howling outside my window.  It was so dark though I knew it was already late in the morning.  The sun finally came around noon, but the win barely abated.  It rained, it stopped, and then we finally got the chance to do some errands late afternoon.

We were supposed to attend a halloween party cum housewarming of a friend in Westchester but I decided to forego it at the last minute because I didn’t want to burden Mom with staying up late tonight again to watch Angel.  At the same time, I didn’t want Alan and his friends hurrying to leave the party when they could stay as long as they want if I wasn’t there to bug Alan to go home.  Three friends from Queens were supposed to ride with us, and I’d have been the party pooper.  So I stayed home, took care of Angel, and I’ve been working on Neris’ scrapbook again.  I’m almost done, really.  I am just trying to create the pages with the postcards.  I have only more or less 16 pages left to print and I’m done.  She’s back by next Sunday and I cannot wait to give it to her.  My first completed scrapbook.. wow!

The wind is still howling and it’s past midnight already.  I’m sweating the fat off some short ribs I’m going to put in the slow cooker in around an hour and a half and it should be good for lunch tomorrow.  If the weather holds, we have another windy and wet day tomorrow.  We’ll probably just stay in. 



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