Recommendations from a frequent visitor to Paris

Originally posted on Pinay Francophile

Darryl is a fellow Filipino who was born and raised here, and who somehow found his way here, a long ways back when I started blogging in 2004.  Up until then, I had an online journal on my personal website which has since lain dormant for even longer periods of time now, no thanks to my newfound predilection to blog on a regular basis.  Back to Daryl, though, he and his wife and daughter take an annual trip to Paris and Italy, and I asked him for recommendations given my forthcoming trip back to France this end-November.  This is what he had to say:

“…my favorite neighborhood in Paris is Le Marais. This neighborhood is an odd mixture of the Gay Community and the Old Jewish Neighborhood. Perfect spot for walking a morning or afternoon when Alan is in a meeting. Just take the Number 1 Metro Line and get off at Hotel De Ville. Then walk up a couple of blocks away from the Seine. This neighborhood is filled with little streets and boutique stores. Make sure you make it the area called Place Des Vosges the main square of this neighborhood. We use to go here and take our daughter Helene to the playground in the middle of the square. There are cafes, pastry shops, stationery stores for your scrapbooks, just great little stores. I love getting lost here so many things to discover. Don’t go there on a Sunday its the only place in Paris where the stores are open so its packed. Shops are closed Monday morning as well. Let’s see in the Jewish Neighborhood there is a restaurant called L’as du Falafel; its famous for falafels, shish kabobs, just great Meditarranean food and its not too pricey. Also, visit Musee Carnavalet in the area. Small free museum about the history of Paris and the great thing is that its free on certain days. You may have already been to Le Marais but if you haven’t its worth a visit. Also, the department store next the metro station called BHV is great a lot cheaper than Galeries Lafayette and Printemp. Its where the normal Parisians shop nothing fancy think JC Penney. Great for little T-shirts for Angel with French writing on them. Have fun. Take Care, Darryl..”

As you can see from the presence of the links that I had actually done a preliminary research on Darryl’s recommendation to go visit Le Marais.  Judging from the photographs alone, it is indeed a place which looks very interesting and worth spending a day at.  I think this takes care of my Tuesday alone in Paris — after the day trip to Chartres.

It’s also good to know that there actually places that are open on a Sunday!  Thanks for the info, Darryl!