The Kite Runner

Danielle is one of Alan’s young colleagues we are close to, and during our summer trip to Rivendell Winery in New Paltz, she had promised me a book which she swore was a good read — so good she finished it in just over a day because she couldn’t put it down.

Alan handed me THE KITE RUNNER on the way home yesterday, and I read the first 20 pages right there and then.  I just finished reading it a few minutes ago and while I will skip giving you a synopsis, this is a book I highly recommend for its splendid prose that just grabs you with its raw emotion and sheer honesty – simple words woven into a breathtaking tapestry.  It is not a mystery or suspense thriller, but you will not be able to put the book down as author Khaled Hosseini takes you through what feels like a memoir although it is a work of fiction. 

You will see the Afghanistan of old and the war torn country that is struggling valiantly against the ravages of violence, and you will find yourself identifying with the various emotions and nuances of human nature that Hosseini brings to life so effortlessly and yet so vividly as he tells us the story of Amir. 

Thank you, Danielle, for this fantastic recommendation..

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