Connected from Essex, Connecticut

Connecticut is just next door to New York but I haven’t really travelled through this state since 2001 when we passed through it to get to Providence, Rhode Island for a long weekend.  Alan and I went to Mystic, Connecticut (of Mystic Pizza fame), had lunch, strolled around some, and then we were on our way.

This time around, Connecticut was our destination as we drove to Essex, Connecticut to do A DAY WITH THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE at the Essex Steam Train and River Boat.  (I have written about this in my Mommy blog, Motherhood, etc.  To read that post, please click here.) 

It was an idyllic drive through the highway with the trees on either side of the road a vari-colored tapestry of orange, yellow and touches of brown. The only green you could see were the patches of evergreen which, in this part of the East, seemed to be few and far between.  I guess I don’t see the evergreens until everything else has been reduced to twigs as winter sets in.  

Angel slept through most of the first hour of the two and a half hour drive, but was soon talkatively pointing to every point of interest that he saw us drive by, or drive past us.  We’re actually devoting this whole weekend to him, all for the love of Thomas.



0 thoughts on “Connected from Essex, Connecticut

  1. hey, d! i have to ask this because it intrigued me a lot. Glenn Close’s character said in the movie, THE STEPFORD WIVES, “What place on earth can people not notice a town full of robots? (gasps at her light-bulb moment)…CONNECTICUT”

    i laughed at the punch line because it was definitely a pang-o-okray to the state. why the punch line, mare?


  2. Dinna

    Weng, it was indeed beautiful. There are so many beautiful areas around us that we fail to see because we don’t dare to be adventurous enough to go out and discover what’s around the corner. You have a great week ahead.


  3. Dinna

    Jerome, I wouldn’t be truthful if I told you I knew the answer. I can only go by context, and I’m guessing based on what limited knowledge I have. The movie was filmed in some of the poshest communities of Connecticut. Why not The Hamptons in New York? Or Beverly Hills in LA? or some other upscale community in California? My latest trip to Connecticut somehow gave me that “Stepford” perspective.. I’ll write more about it in a separate post. Again, that’s me hypothesizing.. but I get your drift. Remember how they say in Manila na iba ang simoy ng hangin doon kaya may topak ang mga tao? Dito, ibang kulo.. uppity, snobbish, maybe bordering on ditsy? It’s another one of those stereotypes.. but yes, the slight was there.


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