My date with Thomas the Tank Engine

Nothing compares to seeing my little boy light up with glee.  There is an indescribable glow that takes over his face when he sees something that means a lot to him.  The trip to Essex, Connecticut and devoting the weekend to this trip was all worth it when his eyes grew wide upon seeing that we were walking past his beloved Thomas.  Truly priceless..

What I like about Thomas is he is never pictured as a perfect character.  Although he is the star of the show, he falls prey to human weaknesses like jealousy and pride and learns his lesson the hard way.  Judging from the size of the kids who all went crazy over Thomas, I think we’ll be going there for at least the next three years.  What’s it about those trains and boys anyway?  I’m lost but smiling — it’s one of those wonders you need not find an explanation for.  To see the joy on Angel’s face is enough.