I've simply been busy

I’ve been too busy to blog the past couple of days but I’ve tried my best to put in a thought or two in here.. a picture here and there.

Tonight was another one of those nights — I had dinner with Neris who is leaving to go back to Manila, and Carlo, another former officemate now based in New York.  I had wanted to take Neris to Bar 89, a favorite bar Alan and I bring friends to even if I was just there last week.  (I have a post on that I have to write up..)  But Neris is busy packing and had stayed in Queens all day, so instead of having her hie down to the city, I suggested we just eat at a nearby Chinese buffet.  After all, the point was to meet up and not to sightsee.

It was fun catching up with Carlo — before this, the last time we saw each other was during Angel’s first birthday a year and a half ago.. (!)  I also relished handing Neris the scrapbook I made for her.. my first scrapbook ever!  A true labor of love, I wrote in my dedication:

Dear Neris,

This is my first ever completed scrapbook, because I am still in the process of completing my other projects.  It was a pleasure putting it together because to me, you are the ultimate jetsetter.  I envy how you have explored the world on your own.  Go and use that experience to further enrich other people’s lives.I hope to one day see you on this side of the world again.  Wherever you find yourself in the future, I am sure it will be where your heart is.  I know there is a special plan for you, so just be patient.  You will know when the right one comes along.  Just trust Him, and ask Him to help you make the right decision.                  


With love from Ate Dinna,  November 6, 2006

Neris has practically toured Europe, and in what was supposed to be a three-city tour of the US, ended up seeing more than twice that number in her month-long journey.  Definitely worthy of a post under the category The People in My Life.. soon.