Disappearing posts… again

I had written a long post complete with links when my laptop froze on me.  Of course my draft disappeared before I could save and I’m in no mood to go through the task of pulling that post together again from scratch.  

So I thought I’d write on that topic another day.  For now I’m trying to keep my cool here in front of the screen.  It’s spaghetti dinner tonight — something father and son are looking forward to.

In the meantime, I’m trying to think about tomorrow’s dinner.. maybe I’ll stop by the Chinese grocery and pick up some fresh fish or other seafood.  I still have the pork chops at home, too, but my Mom refuses to cook it without the calamansi sachet to marinate it in soy sauce with.  I have to make a special trip to the Filipino store for that.

It’s raining in New York again.. the strange thing is, it’s warmer, too.  Tomorrow’s going to be one hot fall day.. as long as it doesn’t rain, I’m not complaining.

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