Go Jan Kurt Nieto!

First of all, I’ve declared to all and sundry that my Philippine Idol is Jan Kurt Nieto.  I know there are many who would disagree, but just as it’s my right to choose Jan as my Philippine Idol, you have every right to make your choice. Since this is a Pro-Jan blog, it’s also up to the blogger to decide whose comment gets published or not.  This is just a caveat for those who feel like engaging me in a discourse about why they dislike Jan.  Some comments will see the light of day, others won’t.  I am not here to defend Jan.  I am here to endorse him.  There will always be people who will disagree — and that’s you’re right.  So let’s just wish all contenders the best of luck.

Just in case no one has noticed, I have not said anything against any of the other Idol hopefuls, and not for lack of knowledge (based on YouTube or otherwise), but simply because I don’t think bashing another hopeful will make my choice win.

And that other well-off contender I alluded to in an earlier post — that’s not hearsay, I have personal knowledge of that.  In fact a very close friend had teased me I should endorse that Philippine Idol hopeful as well, but I have cast my lot with Jan Kurt Nieto.  Both are good, don’t get me wrong.  Both have a fair chance at becoming the next Philippine Idol — but for me, I’d like to see Jan Kurt take the top slot.  So here’s keeping my fingers crossed.

Here are some comments from readers about Jan Kurt which are unedited (all typos, grammatical errors and mispellings included): 

From COLDSHOT:     I was there at SM Megamall, and you know what? Jan’s rendition of Living La Vida Loca was so hot and intense. He captured the whole audience for that more than 2 minute song. And this is coming from a balladeer – Tuwing Umuulan and Umagang Ka’y Ganda fame. He really surprised us all with whatever Latino steps he did. By the way, he was dashing too, after dancing Pilita’s heart out.

To which Pinay New Yorker says:  That’s what I mean, COLDSHOT.  It’s the total performance package that gets the audience excited.  We already know ALL of them can sing, it’s who can engage the audience and entertain the public that matters most now.

From HOT DUDE:  I did not see regularly the shows where the three judges picked the top 12 contenders for Philippine Idol. Honestly, I don’t prefer the long waiting, and the agony of so much suspense. So, when I heard that the top 12 had already been chosen, I started to peep into the show (yap, i had no intention of viewing the entire show). It was then that I saw Jan Nieto performing. It was not an outstanding performance, but not bad either. I was more impressed with the performances of Jian and Mau. However, I got fed up already with the kind of singing with so much “birit.” I prefer a “smooth-to-the-ears” kind of singing..this is why i got hooked on gian—aside from his very expressive eyes, which reminded me of Victor “Cocoy” Laurel of the Nora-Cocoy days. Right, Gian’s voice and showmanship is far better than Jan. but, there is something is Jan which is really captivating. You could feel the sincerity and the “not-tryi ng-hard” kind of singing. He sings naturally. This captivates me; thus, i have made to incline on his side from that of Gian’s. Afterall, Jan’s smile (especially when his dimples show) is more enticing tha Gian’s expressive eyes. Furthermore, I don’t like the absence of humility in gian, especially when his performance doesn’t please the audience, and that some “not-so-good” comments are given akin to such peformance. I hope he will be able to recognize “human weaknesses”, that we can not always be perfect — that he can not always be perfect. He should learn to accept others’ criticisms…these will help him grow. Look at Jan, when he receives bad comments, he accepts it with so much humbleness, he just smiles (showing his captivating dimples, hehehehe). This is why I like Jan over Gian, although i admit that Gian is a better singer than Jan. But being a Philippine idol is not just singing…it is the overall packaging!

Nonetheless, Gian and Mau are my 2nd & 3rd choices to become the first Philippine idol…but, JAN NIETO IS MY IDOL…..Good luck, idol JAN.

KUDOS to RYAN AGONCILLO, you are the best choice as the HOST of the show! Similar accolades go to the three judges: Mr. C, Pilita and Francis….hey, next time, don’t you ever get LUKE MIJARES as a judge, he was no good! Wala naman siyang comments talagang ibinibigay e…obviously pa, may gusto siya kay Gian…pero alam ko mas type niya si Jan, kaya lang hindi siya pinansin nito….HAJJI ALEJANDRO is another excellent substitute for Francis as a judge.

To which Pinay New Yorker says: HOT DUDE, I’m glad to hear that you’re discerning enough to look beyond just the perfect pitch and spotless performances expected of all the hopefuls.  They are all amateurs, we know that, and they are trying their best to perform their darnedest under pressure.  I so agree with what you say that “being a Philippine idol is not just singing.. it is the overall packaging!”.  


There has been so much buzz lately about this last episode of Philippine Idol.  A lot of people have caught on to the idea that this is not a rehash of Bagong Kampeon of old where singing was the only basis for winning.  The greatest singer is not guaranteed to win.  

Many of those voting in today’s Philippine Idol were not even watching Bagong Kampeon when a 14-year-old Chona Velasquez wowed everyone and ended up winning the championship.  Would Chona Velasquez as she was then have won if it was Philippine Idol?  I don’t think so.  And yet, Chona as she was introduced then, is no less than Asia’s Songbird today, Regine Velasquez.  She had a stellar voice already, but she was a raw talent who was the epitome of your amateur singer fresh from Bulacan.  The polished Regine Velasquez you see now is a product of years and years of reinvention which gives you this world-class talent.

Mau, I have seen, is actually a notch above the rest in singing, but again, it’s all about THE Philippine Idol. 

Oh, and just to reiterate, you don’t get published unless you leave a working e-mail and/or website of your own. 

4 thoughts on “Go Jan Kurt Nieto!

  1. venj

    from the very start, i am for jan kurt nieto even if he was not so publicized among the final 12. but i had that strange feeling that this is the man. maybe because i am so fed up with birit kind of singing. i like the swabe type of singing, the one that really emanates from the heart, not the ones that are most likely being staged or what. right now, i believe that jan has the most support from family, friends, officemates, and fans like me, enough for him to clinch the title first philippine idol. i do not compare anymore who sings better or not, because they are all good ones. what i look for is the complete package, from the looks to stage presence to confidence to style and variety. and jan is worth my vote.


  2. DInna

    Venj, thanks for letting me know about your support for Jan. We’ll make sure he knows… it helps when people show their support not just by voting anonymously.


  3. cool mommie

    hi! i too am a fan of jan nieto. and like you i won’t go about bashing the other contestants. it just so happens that when you do see him and hear him sing, you know that he sings from his heart. it’s not just for show. you can feel his sincerity & humility, it’s actually not something you would expect from someone with his upbringing & background. i think it just shows the kind of family that he has. i’m very saddened that he didin’t get the title. even my 6 year old daughter is disappointed. 🙂 but for me he is still my philippine idol. i hope to see more of him soon!


  4. its not about winning, jan is destined to make it big sa music industry…. i just can’t get over the finals nga lang kasi in all 3 performances, for me he is number 1 😀 visit the idol forums guys @philippineidol.com, support my posts, my id is aetherian… i have comments in every thread about jan ^.^


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