Time to dust off the Christmas Decor

We usually end up with a shorter Christmas because we only decorate after Thanksgiving.  This year, I’m going to change that and start sorting my Christmas decor this weekend.  I had planned to make some of my Christmas decor for this year but failed to do that (again), so I will instead seriously endeavor to make that happen for 2007.

Not that I’m worried.  I have a healthy stash of decor in the attic, most of which don’t get used anyway because I never have the time to put them all up.  We still have unopened silver Christmas balls from various sources which we ended up storing because we didn’t think it was prudent to put up a christmas tree last year.  (You can’t seriously think about doing that when it cannot be cordoned off against an aggressive toddler..it was too much of a risk having him swallow any one of a hundred things from the christmas tree, so we decided we’ll wait until this year when he’s easier to control.)  In the last 6 Christmases Alan and I have been together, we always decided on a color scheme for our holiday decor and stick to that.  Last year was to be silver, so that’s what we’ll do this year.

I have rolls of gold ribbon bought from craft stores that have yet to be used — and a healthy stash of 2-inch beige and gold cinnamay ribbon which I form into bows each Christmas and then unfurl and store flat once the season is over.  I brought the cinnamay ribbons here to New York from Manila in 2002, and they are still good enough to use.

I might yet get to make my small white parols.. I just need time to sit down and tie up the coffee wooden stirrers and paste the white tissue paper (or japanese paper) onto it.. and voila!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year.. more so now that Angel is so expressive and appreciative of presents, big or small.

While it will probably be a challenge because our family has been torn in two by events that took place earlier this year, I think we’ll make it just fine.  I am praying my mother-in-law will not feel it too much, more so now that she has only two grandchildren to think of instead of the four she had last year, and she has one instead of two children to think of.  It would’ve been easier for her to cope with the grief of losing a loved one to death, but to be shunned outright and disowned makes it a hundred times more painful.  But she has had 75 Christmases before this.. it has more than 15 years since her other half passed away.  She is a strong woman, and I know she’ll be fine.

It’s also my Mom’s last Christmas here in New York for a while.  She is waiting to finish a final “tour of duty” with her apoby July of next year.  Then, she says, she will probably return only for a short spell to visit, or when I get to successfully petition her.

It’s going to be quite a Christmas production.  I should be thinking of Thanksgiving lunch but instead I’m thinking of my Noche Buena.  For the first time, too, we will do stockings in the house.. and I’m already thinking of stocking fillers for everyone.

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