Bar 89

Bar 89 has been around quite a while and has basically lorded it over its block on 89 Mercer Street.  It has managed to survive because it keeps reinventing itself through its seasonal decor and it’s totally mindblowing restrooms I wrote about here and here.  We always bring friends visiting from Manila or out of state to this Bar for a quick snack or for a few drinks to sample their martinis, etc.  The decor can range from old rotary phones strategically tacked to the walls, or a long flower box hanging from the ceiling with vari-colored tulips.  One holiday season, there were fishnets filled with crystal-like rocks that were illuminated in a steady cadence of changing colored lights.  One thing that doesn’t change is the restroom and the simple yet palatable food.  My favorite is their Nachos Supreme.  And be warned about the Hell’s Fire Chips– they are HOT! 

Their apple and chocolate martinis are good — but be warned that they are not open as late as the usual Manhattan nightspot.  On a good day, you can actually walk to Kate Spade’s store on one end and Gourmet Garage on another.  Definitely worth the trip if you have the time to spare.

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