Philippine Idol Update

I’m giving way to this Philippine Idol update sent to us by my friend, Fountainhedd, who watches each show LIVE:

During last Sunday’s performance night, Jan Kurt Nieto sang “You Are My Song”, as popularized by Martin Nievera (who incidentalyy wrote the song). Regine V’s version is more popular though.

The theme for this week’s elimination night was Radio Hits. So, Philippine Idol had a controversial DJ from 89.9, Mo Twister as guest judge.  Mo made it clear that his standard would be what he would play during his radio show.

To put a different spin to this weekend’s show, each Idol hopefull chose 7 songs from a list. Then, each Idol was paired off, with Gian Lasallista going against Jan Atenista. Mau soul diva gainst Miguel Heartthrob, and Pow againt Ken R & B.

Gian chose the song ”You are my song” for Jan. And guess what?  Jan nailed it!  It didn’t sound a bit karaoke as DJ Mo was expecting. Mo thought Jan succeeded in doing the song his own way, and pulled it thru. Mo admitted to be a fan, and even shook Jan’s hand for a job well done.

On results night, the pairs went head-to-head. While Jan obviously devoured Gian, Jan got the lower number of votes. Whoaaaa! Jan was surprisingly in the bottom 3, along with Mau and Ken.

Finally, Jan was called safe. It was Ken and Mau who were actually at the bottom of the polls. The night before, all the judges thought that Ken was the worst. DJ Mo even dared the viewers that if Ken was not eliminated this week, he would wear a dress for one week. Now, that really upped the ante on everyone- Ken had to hold his breath hoping that he wouldn’t have to call that dare This is was really one of the highlights of this week’s show.

So now, its Mau vs. Ken. Then, it turns out that after all the votes were in, Ken is out.  Mo doesn’t get to wear the dress. I personally wanted Ken to stay, being his friend, but more imptly, to see Mo in a dress for a week.

Do you believe that Jan is in the bottom 3?  Conspiracy theories now abound in the forums.

This was quite a show. Please wait for our youtube download, complete with judges’ comments.