Coming to America, Going to Paris

Donna, my high school bestfriend and I have been planning her family’s trip here to the US next year, and I’ve been researching her California trip for her.  I am so excited about her coming over that I almost feel like I’m going to California, too.  I was actually thinking about flying to California with her but I figured I can just concentrate on making the most of her practically 2-week stay here in New York.

It isn’t until end-March but we’re trying to consider the various options to make it a cost-efficient trip.  I told her that Alan and I have made a good practice of researching our destinations to make the most of each trip we take, even if we only travel domestically.  Besides, it’s best that she comes prepared so there are no surprises, more so where the budget is concerned.

When you’re traveling with 2 kids and the grandparents (which makes it a party of 6), it will get pricey, but you can make it worth every penny. 

As for New York, we’ve talked about it already.  I’m actually taking some days off to take them around, and they have relatives they will be staying with and going around with, too.

In the midst of all this research for Donna, I’ve been preparing for the trip to Paris next week.  I can’t believe I’m actually going back.  I’ve actually been searching for Filipinos in France and have been reading Kala’s blog.  (I stumbled into her blog via  I found the website Filipinos in France which gives you a good idea about the Filipino community in Paris in particular, but it hasn’t been updated in a while.  There’s also MadPinoy, a Filipino News Journal in France.

Can’t wait!