In defense of Jan Nieto

Here’s something from Jher which I feel I need to answer in a full blog post instead of just on the comment roll:

Dinna there’s so much buzz out there about Jan’s family’s supposed financial ability to bring in votes for him, I have no personal or direct knowledge to this effect but just in case this is true, it is just natural for the family to support jan. I’m sure if I joined PI my family would have done the same. No questions asked. Anyway, I’ve been gone for awhile and I’ve heard that Jan is becoming a really strong contender now. That’s great news! Now if he gets into the final 3 as strong or even stronger than he is now, nobody will have the right to question his achievement in the PI stage. I wish the best for Jan, he’s got great potential.

To which the Pinay New Yorker says:  Thanks for keeping an open mind, Jher.  Yes, Jan’s family is well off — but if we’re talking about having the money and the means to bring in the votes, people are missing the point on another contender.  One of the other two male contenders is that scion I am talking about, and I’m not using the term “scion” here lightly.  They have the money and the business employing enough people to ensure that you have more than just a hundred telephones if needed texting away when the lines open for votes. 

The Nietos are also rich in good will because they have helped a lot of people along the way.  Jan’s father is a former Councilor of Manila so you can expect at least that community in his father’s old district texting away.

I just don’t believe that money is behind the voting.  I think we are underestimating the ability of the Filipino public.  No matter how much money you pour into the voting, if you have enough clout with the public, it will show up in the text votes.  Let’s not insult the public’s choice.  Like Jerome said, instead of waging a comment or blog war against the other contenders, we should be campaigning for more votes for the ones we endorse.

This is the reason why instead of picking on each of the other contenders, we in Jan’s camp have put together a website here and have been actively campaigning via e-mail.  We don’t waste our time going around blogs maligning his competitors.  What good will that do?  I think people are failing to see that this is not a political contest.  People aren’t thinking about who has more money, who is effeminate, who is boyish.  People vote according to who they like best based on a personal attraction.  That’s the point of looking for that “star quality”.  As I keep saying, I have heard Mau is the best singer, but you have to look at the whole package.

We all know Dulce is a great singer, even Regine Velasquez will admit that — but Dulce is not Philippine Idol material. 

Lastly, I think it should not be taken against anyone if they are well off, better looking, more macho, gay, overweight or not beauty contest material.  We’re looking for a Philippine Idol here — and just because you’re better off should not be a cause for bias.  Vote based on who you like to succeed — period.  So text “JAN” to 2339 when voting opens on Sunday.

0 thoughts on “In defense of Jan Nieto

  1. ay dinna, I have to disagree. Dulce is not only star material, she is diva material! even regine will bow to dulce. hahahah. anyway, im intrigued about this scion, care to divulge more tidbits in private? šŸ˜›


  2. Jan did very well last Sunday, I think he’s constantly improving. At the rate he’s going, won’t be surprised to see him in the top 3. I like him, but I’m rooting for Mau. šŸ™‚


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