Dinner with Friends

I desperately tried to post last night but the web kept gobbling up my entries.  So I gave up after two tries and decided today would be a better day to try.

I had another date with Summer for a trim Friday evening.  That’s the greatest hassle of having an otherwise low maintenance super short haircut — you have to constantly trim any outgrowth to keep it in shape.  No complaints, really — just that it gets so obvious when it starts growing.  Then we went back the EARTH NYC to have dinner with two other Filipino couples.  (Click here for the original post on where you can find Summer, my hairdesigner, and my take on EARTH NYC.)

It’s always fun to go out with friends once in a while.  I wouldn’t give up our two-some dates, though.  Those, to me, are the really special dates and are the highlight of my week. 

It’s just that we are no longer so keen on staying out late because we have to think about Mom and Angel at home.  It used to be that we would still go out for drinks at another bar or perhaps coffee and dessert at another place.. this time, we’re happy just going out to dinner, then we head on home.

It was rather warm in the city during the day but it eventually grew very cold at night.  At least the sun came out after a full week of rain and wind.