All agog about Paris

I’m starting to pack — and I’m making a mental check list of the things to bring.  I will be packing in earnest beginning tonight.  It’s not that I have a ton to bring, it’s precisely because I want to pack efficiently that I am planning the things I will be packing.

I’m definitely bringing my cheese cutting board (I have a small one measuring just a tad bigger than 5×7 which fits snuggly into a slot in my picnic basket), and some cheese spreaders.  I want to do a picnic lunch for Versailles, and while I cannot bring my picnic basket, I can bring the gear.  Since having a baby, I’ve found it useful to have a plastic spoon in my purse — because most utensils in the restaurant are too big for Angel to use, and it’s the sterile-obsessed mom in me.  I’ll bring a couple of picnic utensils just so I’m ready.  I need to grab some Ziploc, too, to put the liquid toiletries we will be bringing and it helps to put food in..

During the Feb 2005 visit to Paris, most of the fruit left in the suite compliments of the hotel were left untouched, and I just felt bad that I didn’t think of bagging it until my last day to give to the beggars lining the Champs Elysees.  I also put in some bread, butter and jam from the room service breakfast we had.. and it was a good thing I had some toiletries packed in a ziploc bag which did nicely for a discreet doggie bag.  The young lady I gave my goodies to was just so surprised and soon she hied off to a park bench on the sidewalk and two or three other young ladies came to her and they shared the food.

I want to bring my own personal stash of travel size tissue packs and ample sanitizers.  Although Paris is a city resplendent with beauty and culture, their toilets leave much to be desired.  I can proudly say that even in the New York Public Library which the homeless go to for their own personal necessities, the restrooms are clean and always stocked with ample toilet paper.  The museums of New York boast of ultra clean toilets as well.  One of the worst toilets I came across were at the Louvre where the cleaners were probably overwhelmed by the sheer number of guests going in and out of the building, but if the MoMA can do it, why can’t the Louvre?

Alan’s been teasing me that I am very excited.. and I proudly proclaimed I am.. =)  And yes, I’m not hiding the fact that I’m getting to Paris on mileage, and that means I’m paying just $60 for my round trip ticket to Paris.  My hotel is free thanks to my husband’s employment, and I’m planning the trip to make it cost efficient as well.

The only sad point in all this is that I will be away from my baby for a whole week.. but time flies by so fast.  Alan was just telling him earlier that the next time we go to Paris, we will take him with us.

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