Bakit ngayong ka lang


Here’s the latest update from Fountainhedd:

Performance night saw Jan doing his own Mini-Movie on being a two-timing husband, in prep. to sing Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang by Ogie Alcasid. Judges, including guest judge Lea Salonga said his notes were perfect, but bashed him for his stage movements. She said that he was allegedly awkaward – which isn’t really the case, esp. on TV. Pilita said I still love you anyway. Ryan said that upon talks with some music teachers- Jan is the most improved. Perfect notes na say. ( I say Boo to Lea – she did pronounce on air that she KNOWS Gian!)
Lea reiterated the awkward comment, but commented on perfect singing for Corner of the Sky. She said Gian was best! Ha-Ha
Eliminations night – the 3 people called to the Bottom 3- Pow, Miguel and Jan. Again, Jan? Jan was first called to the safe spot. Then it was Miguel and Pow. Pow said she would go back to doing gigs if she were to be eliminated. Well, she should go back, because a tearful Pow was eliminated that night.
The Eliminations Night saw all 5 Idols singing Circle of Life, with the San Miguel Chorale (?) and San Miguel Philharmonic. Later on, Lea sang Tomorrow.
We move to next week were 4 Idols will be singing Big Band Hits. Jan will be singing Somewhere Beyond the Sea and The Way You Look Tonight.
Wheeew. Another Bottom 3 night. –


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0 thoughts on “Bakit ngayong ka lang

  1. Dinna

    Jher, I agree that her transparency was a good point. I think it’s time to start praying now that there are only 4 of them left.. anybody who gets eliminated now can bow out gracefully — even Pow, because they made it this far…


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