My first book release at

I wrote about not too long ago and I finally did my first book release last night — THE MERMAID CHAIR.  (See journal entry here.)  I announced the drop off an hour before I left the office and came to a Starbucks full of tourists and those who were on their way home.  It was a convenient drop off because it was by the corner where I wait for the express bus to my part of Queens.

I cassually walked in through the back entrance and lay the book on the condiments section. I didn’t linger.  I walked away and I’ve been monitoring if the book has been picked up.  I am no lining up the books I will be releasing into the wild in Paris this time.  I want to see which books are picked up by people who actually will take the time to tell us the book has been picked up.

It’s really all very simple — there is a unique Book Crossing ID number on the book which will allow you to access its original journal entry on the site.  You can then leave a comment for the person who released it so they know you have found it.  It’s your choice to re-release the book into the wild or keep it.  We also have the option to get release alerts and there are a ton being released in New York — it’s just that they’re in the most uncanny places and difficult for me to run after.  But one day soon, I hope to catch one.

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