Tired, tired, tired..

Sometimes looking forward to a holiday can make an otherwise normal day exhausting, if only because you feel stressed to tie up all loose ends before taking your vacation.  I’m all set to leave for Paris this Thursday — well, kind of.. Nope, I haven’t really started packing but I’ve started putting my things together. 

It was also a busy day.  I didn’t realize I was leaving the boss at a very hectic time in the calendar year, not that knowing that would’ve stopped me from planning this Paris trip.. so I’m working double time to make sure he has everything that I need while I’m away.  I’m supposed to have a back up but she is waiting to give birth any day now, and we will probably not even be able to say goodbye anymore given that she is due to go on maternity leave soon.  She’s also been less than dependable in most respects so I don’t have that level of confidence to believe she can take care of the boss in my absence.

Fortunately, it seemed everything fell into place and I’m almost good to go.  I actually did a whole binder for him — prepared his itineraries, even wrote up some of the blurbs in the reports he needed to submit, and I sent him off with the admonition not to eat too much turkey because he has to keep trim to keep up with his newfound passion: running.

He’s actually a good boss.. after a year of being together (yes, I have been with him a year!), I have a better sense of his moods and his limits.  He’s great but he’s human — so he has his quirks.  Like I distinctly remember him telling me last week that I should just not show up for work on Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) – I can take the day off, and it wasn’t a day off to be counted.  Tonight he tells me I should just disappear around noon time, meaning I was expected to show up in the morning.  I know he’s over 50 but I think next time I’m going to get that all down in writing. LOL.. I’m not complaining.. a day or half a day, that’s a big deal, considering most people will leave at 3PM if they report for work tomorrow at all.

Gobble.. gobble..