Off to Paris I go

I’m torn between spending more time with the little tyke here in bed as his Dad is trying to put him to sleep just minutes before 9PM, and finally packing in earnest.  (Okay, I ‘fess up — I haven’t really done much beyond think about what I’m actually bringing.. maybe put them aside.)

There’s a rib roast waiting for me to rub with the garlic and rosemary marinade on the kitchen counter.  We decided not to do the traiditional turkey this year because there isn’t really that big a party.  The stepson decided to go to his Mom’s.. so it’s just the two Lolas, Angel, Alan and myself.

I’ve made up my mind about my reading list and will be putting together my wardrobe later.  It isn’t really much except that we have a friend taking us out — and the last time (to his silent horror I’m sure), I wasn’t appropriately dressed when he brought us to 1776, an Asian fusion fine dining restaurant.  The food was excellent, the company was superb, but I wanted to do a mala-Flash exit when we stood up to leave.  I was fortunate that the coat room was behind a curtain, so I didn’t have to stumble all over myself trying to put my coat back on.  (I need to verify the name of the restaurant because my Paris mementos are in the attic.. I even visited their website but I cannot find the restaurant..)

It appears that it’s been raining in Paris, too — I know that translates to even colder temperatures, and while the temperatures vary from 50-60 degrees in the next few days, I’m sure it feels much colder.  I’m iffy about footwear.  I will bring my rubber shoes which took me around Paris the last time (if I can find it in the attic, that is..), and perhaps one of two boots.  Oh, and not to forget the pumps for the dinner date!  (I go by the simple rule that even the most casual or simple outfit can become more elegant with the right pair of shoes.)  The coat is a tricky choice because I don’t want to be encumbered with a longer wool coat when I trudge through Versailles or go on my adventure to Chartres.. the only solution I can think of is to bring my fuschia (yes, as in flaming pink!) wool coat for the dinner date, and then a knee length pangharabas for the usual wanderings.  (Right now it’s a toss up between a black fleece and berber coat or my beige hooded toggle coat.)

Perplexed readers must be wondering why I’m taking so much time thinking about this aspect of my wardrobe.  It’s not so much to make a fashion statement, but cold is really C-O-L-D in caps and bold at that this time of the year when you have to spend a lot of time outdoors.  I’ve already negotiated with Alan for one of the bigger sweaters I had gifted him several Christmases ago.  He’s not fond of turtle necks, but I need that to keep the asthma away, and I want something longer than my usual sweater so that it goes down to my hips and keeps my derriere warm. =)  I am sure Jher can relate to this after his trip to Mongolia, and that’s nothing compared to the usually snowless or barely snowed upon Paris.

Time to start packing.. for real this time!


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