I can't believe I'm back

We arrived at just past 8AM.. after getting our luggage, we walked out of the airport and looked for the ATM machine.  (Random tip as Jayred would say: do not exchange dollars at the foreign exchange booth.  The ATM transaction/currency charge is still cheaper than the fee at the ForEx counter.)  It was a long flight aggravated by more than an hour’s delay on the way here.. but I am finally back in Paris!  (Read about my post on the trip to the way here at Pinay Francophile.)

We took a cab from Charles de Gaulle airport to the Hotel Westminster at Rue de la Paix (cost Euro 47).  The trip to the hotel brought me back to my first trip from the airport to the city proper.  It was to the other hotel, the Hotel Warwick Champs-Elysees that I went to then (where I’ll be for the second half of my week), and while I missed out on the grand greeting of seeing the Arc d’Triomph and going around it, we slowly found ourselves driving through Malasherbes and later the Opera area — and finally to this quaint row of hotels and jewellers.  (Next door to the Hotel Westminster is a Cartier shop.)

It has been more than a year but I’m here.  It’s almost midnight as I’m posting this so I’ll save the details for later.. All I can say is bonsoir, Paris!