Way behind blogging, but enjoying Paris

I haven’t had time to write a post here, not even longhand — but I hope to catch up soon.. (which may mean after I get back to New York on Wednesday evening.)  I left my laptop at home so I’m depending on breaks between Alan’s going online and I have been squatting here blogging via his new laptop.  (Bigger screen than mine but a DELL all the same.) 

We enjoyed our first trip up the Eiffel yesterday.  We went there last year but didn’t go up — this time, though, we did.  Breathtaking and definitely worth it is all I can say.

We also managed to visit and roam the Orsay.  The collection is breathtaking, and the only thing that detracted from the experience (although in a very miniscule way) was the knowledge that Van Gogh’s (in)famous “Starry, starry night” was at the MoMA.  (Yehey for that one!)  Still, seeing works by Degas, Renoir, and the ongoing special exhibition of Maurice Denis was breathtaking. It makes one feel small and so young in a world of such great classics!

Off to Versailles, hopefully, today.. pictures, soon.  And oh, please don’t forget Jan Nieto!