Christmas decorating in lieu of blogging

I have at least 4 handwritten blogposts waiting to be typed for posting here, but I decided to forego all of that last night to put up some Christmas balls on my living room window sill.  Perhaps it was the inspiration of the grand Christmas windows in Paris.. or the envy I felt when I passed houses on the way home that were all gay and merry with their tiny lights screaming “Happy Holidays!”..

So I thought I better get started with mine.  I have around two dozen trimmings hanging from my two window panes in the living room.  I will add more trimmings tonight, and if I can manage to find the christmas lights clips I bought from the dollar store, I will try and put the CHristmas lights on.  (They’re tiny plastic suction cups on one side and hooks on another for you to thread the christmas lights through so they can “float” on your window.)

I can’t wait to put up the Christmas tree over the weekend.  =)  We’ll have to do it tomorrow, Saturday, when Alan arrives from Paris.  He leaves for a conference in Florida this Sunday.  If we were in Manila, we would’ve put up the tree two weeks ago..

Malamig ang simoy ng hangin.. kay saya ng mga tanawin..  I just heard, too, that yesterday’s weirdly warm weather will now be a thing of the past as the cold starts creeping up on us.  Pasko na nga!