Vote Jan Kurt Nieto

Here’s the latest from Fountainhedd:
There were 3 finalists left Gian, Mau, Jan and Miguel.  First, Ryan A announces that 3 remaining idol hopefuls will go the the Big Dome to compete in the Finals Night, not the usual 2, as is the format for American Idol.

Then Ryan separate the 4 into 2 groups- Gian and Miguel, Jan and Mau. He asks the audience who should take their seats, and then announces them to be Gian and Miguel. Jan and Mau are asked to got to the hotspot. Both are now crying, Mau a bit openly.  Commercial break. They give the 2 glasses of water and wads of tissue paper.

He asks the audience who should take their seats, majority shout Mau’s name. Then Jan is asked by Ryan to take his seat.  Mau then cries openly. Mau is then asked who among the boys seated should be with her on the hotspot. Mau tries hard to answer, and says Miguel’s name.  Miguel, smilingly and charmingly, joins Mau in the

Then Ryan announces that Miguel is finally eliminated.  It was one of those elims night that was so well written, and should go down Idol history as the most suspense-filled and nerve wracking elims night.  Kudos to the writers and producers.

There will be a week long rest for Phil Idol, but not for or 3 Idols. They are doing the rounds of radio and tv hows, and this weekend’s episode will be taped. Each will sing 3 songs  and Jan will be singing Evergreen by Westlife, Sway by Michael Buble and Pasko na Sinta Ko.