A new look

I used to change my blog header and theme every week or so until I settled on the last one both for Pinay New Yorker and Pinay Francophile.  I have used my images for both blogs and have uploaded new headers images.  I felt I needed a new look. 

I’m resting after a rather hectic morning, as Alan left for another business trip although this one has him returning to New York by earlyWednesday. ( And yes, he just arrived yesterday from Paris..)  The good thing is, he’s home for good at least until the early part of January until they decide to send him off somewhere again.

I managed to decorate our living room windows with icycles and silver balls and snowflakes before he arrived, and although I had hoped to have him help me put up the Christmas tree, all he managed was to bring the box down from the attic.  I just want the tree up, and I want to be able to put on the lights by tomorrow the latest.  (I’m iffy about whether or not I will find all our light sets and if I do, that they are all working.)  This is Angel’s first christmas tree– he was still too young to appreciate it in 2004, and last year was too crazy with him all over the place that we decided to forego the tree altogether.

I am way behind in posting and will be typing up some of the posts I had written during my vacation.  I am also working on the travelogue or Paris posts in Pinay Francophile.  For the first time since I started blogging, Pinay Francophile’s visitors almost equalled Pinay New Yorker’s, thanks I suppose to the pictures of the christmas bedecked Paris  I posted.  I try not to concern myself too much with statistics, but I have to admit that it’s heartening to see people actually stumbling onto the blog.  At the end of the day, though, hearing from those who read what I write is a hundred-fold more rewarding.

I unpacked my suitcases and made up my mind that I am going to Paris with a bigger suitcase next time.  There were so many things I wanted to buy but my suitcases were already bursting at the seams.  No, I wasn’t there to shop, I wanted to go grocery shopping for the goodies.. not chocolates, but all the sauces, condiments, spices, etc.  Too heavy, too much.. I didn’t even get to buy as much cheese as I had hoped to.. no room. =(  My macarrons were limited to two boxes which I made sure to check in because a friend who tried to handcarry them went home disappointed when Paris customs confiscated them.

I have a ton of materials to sort through for my scrapbook which I will start doing pronto.  (And to think I haven’t quite finished the first one.. )  I want to finish this first because then I can go backwards from there and finish the first portion.

Everyone has been asking me how the trip went.. all I could say was it was too short, but I missed my son so much so it was fine.  Back to work, back to the same old grind, but I’m just so happy to be back with this little tyke napping as one of his favorite DVDs is playing besides him.



Postcards from Paris for Angel

Crossposted on Motherhood, etc. and Pinay Francophile 

Before Angel was born in May 2008, Alan would send me postcards whenever he went on a business trip, and then we would send postcards home when we were together as part of a special way of chronicling our journeys so to speak.  When Angel arrived, we started sending the postcards to him.  It was because we missed him dearly when he wasn’t with us, and when he was with us, the trip took on a deeper meaning.

We want him to be inspired by the places we visited while at the same time providing him a journal of how much his Papa and Mama loved him.  During this special trip to Paris end-November, I sent him a postcard from every place of note we visited, and I sent home a total of 14 postcards. 

Rest your mouse on the thumbnail and you will be able to read the title on each postcard.  Click on the thumbnail and you will be taken to my PinayFrancophile Friendster account where you will see a bigger version of the thumbnail and a text of the dedication.

These are photos of the actual postcards and not scans.  If the frame seems skewed, it’s because it is.

Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
Art illustration of Paris and its attractions
Notre Dame des Chartres
A freecard from Chartres
Arc D' Triomphe
Musee D'Orsay
Outdoor views of Chateau Versailles
Chateau Versailles from the outside
Chateau Versailles
The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles
Place de la Concorde
Le Tour Eiffel
The Louvre at night
Map Postcard of France