Random Thoughts on the Flight Home last November 29

I’m back!  It sure felt weird not being able to post here during the latter part of the trip.  I had left my laptop at home and since Alan is here on business, I only checked e-mail and managed a single post in response to a question on the Schengen Visa at Pinay Francophile and one or two posts here.  In a sense, it was a good thing that I took a break from blogging because then, I can organize my thoughts more coherently without being pressured to write a post in a limited amount of time.

There is just so much that needs to be said.  I’m still trying to decide which ones to write about first, so please indulge my blabbering.

The flight is not full unlike the one Alan and I took on the way to Paris.  Many passengers chose to occupy the 4-seater middle row and stretched out to catch some sleep.  I’m happy with my window seat with no one beside me.  I saw the lights of Paris as we took off and watched the sun disappear into the night. 

The lady in the middle aisle is trying to learn how to crochet.  I want to walk over and teach her but I remember the jubilation I felt when I taught myself how to knit.  So I let her be.  It appears she is having difficulty with the chain stitch because I’ve seen her put away her crochet hook and ball of yarn twice already.

There is a lot of movement on the plane because I guess most people are trying to stay awake for the landing in New York just around 8PM EST.

I am just now feeling the exhaustion from the trip.  I often slept after midnight because my body was still on New York EST.  With France 6 hours ahead, that’s still a marked time difference.  Last Monday evening, Alan and I were up until 4AM working on his presentation for the first day of the 4-day meeting they were holding.  I lost the whole next morning as a result because I woke up  close to noon.  (This is the reason why I ended up visiting only the Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal on this day when my original plan was to stop there for an hour or so then spend the rest of the day at La Marais, or visit the Musee Rodin.)

I am continuing to read READING LOLITA IN TEHRAN, a chapter at a time and I like that pace for this type of a book.  It tells a story but dwells a lot on personal reflections of the author.

I am going back to work tomorrow — back to the same old routine, but refreshed and charged after this long-awaited return to Paris.

A view of the Charles De Gaulle tarmac from my window seat

A ribbon of red and blue of a sunset as my plane raced towards home

Sunday Morning Surprise

It feels out of synch that I’m writing about something that happened so early today towards the latter part of the evening.  I guess you can say I needed to get the other things out of the way and enjoy the moment.

I got a pleasant surprise this morning when Alan walked into the bedroom with the phone in hand, and he handed it to me telling me it was my bestfriend, Fe.  She had a phonecard expiring Sunday midnight and so we spent over an hour on the phone.  We talked about a hundred and one things but all I cared about was how good it felt to have her on the other end of the line.

It felt like an early christmas present… and a surprise at that!  Thank you so much for that gift, Fe.. it means a lot to me.