A long, cold day

Written at the start of my day:

I can hear the wind howling outside and we have yet to hit our lows tomorrow.  We’re all bracing for a cold, cold Friday as the temperatures threaten to drop to the 20s.

I’ve been busy at work — doing my scrapbook layouts again, catching up with mail and of course, doing things for the boss.  I’m slowly getting on with READING LOLITA IN TEHRAN and hope to start reading a new novel over the weekend, whether or not I finish it.

Well at least it’s the weekend again.. cold or not, it’s the weekend.

Written at the end of my day:

I’ve been weighed down by a major headache since this morning which two extra strength Tylenols in the morning and 2 regular Aleves this afternoon did not alleviate.  I dread to think I’m coming down with something, but the weekend is here so I am happy.

I managed to create my first four layouts for the scrapbook.  I’m also moving forward with the paper backgrounds.  I’m piecing together small pictures/graphics from these very interesting free papers and magazines I got from my last trip to Paris.  I’m concentrating on our first day there, which was the visit to the Louvre. 

Meanwhile, it just hit me that it’s practically a week to Christmas.  Goodness, I didn’t even get my Christmas cards out so I will probably do a Happy new year blitz instead.  (This always happens, so next year, I’m sending them out right after halloween.)  I got an early Christmas present because my Mom’s extension got approved!  (I will write about this later.)  Of course the Paris trip was the big present, if you ask me.  And leaving the City of Lights with the Champs Elysees lit up for the holidays was truly a grand intro of the holidays for me.

I’m thinking about dinner as I write this.  It’s 28 degrees out right now which is below freezing (which is 32 degrees for us on the Fahrenheit scale..)  I am thinking of getting some striped bass which I steam with some lemon slices and then I dress it with a mixture of olive oil and soy sauce, garnished with a lot of scallions.  The only thing is it means walking to the Chinese grocery before hopping onto my bus home after the subway ride.  I dread to go into the city at this time because of the christmas shopping traffic.  I think I will live..so maybe I will get the fish.  It’ll make Alan happy, and it will be good for the Lolas, too.