Lazy Saturday Morning

So yes, we did have my steamed striped bass last night.. it’s always a big hit.  This morning Alan requested omelet so he got a salami and asparagus omelet, and I made mine pure asparagus complete with the ketchup and mayonnaise sauce on the side just like Pancake house used to do it back in Manila.

We’re watching Antonio Banderas in TAKE THE LEAD which, even in its first 30 minutes already gets my nod.  Alan and I try to distinguish between movies that are worth shelling the $11 a piece to watch on the big screen and those that we can wait to watch on DVD.  This is a DVD movie.  (We’re catching DEJA VU in the theatres later, though.) 

We’re just taking it easy this cold Saturday morning here in New York.  We’ll probably go out later and do errands, and just spend quality time with the little tyke who is busy watching CARS in a smaller DVD player here beside us.

0 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday Morning

  1. Hi Pinaynewyorker – I’ve looked but did not find your site contact page. I’m not sure if you are aware that your RSS/Atom Feed does not include your content tags. If you already know this then just disregard this message. I really wanted to include your website as a resource for smartcloud which is a project that I am currently working on for the Filipino community.

    Anyways – I like your site and I love your contents – have a nice day.


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