So we decided to spend the day at home.  I cooked some beef sukiyaki (thanks to Nora Daza’s “Cooking it up with Nora”) and we let Angel nap.  After that we went out to do groceries and we found ourselves in one of our favorite family restaurants, Macaroni Grill (which is much like Italianni’s back home — and I think the franchise is patterned after Macaroni Grill).  It’s always fun going out as a family, just Angel, Alan and me — although we love taking the Lolas out, too.  It’s just that it’s different when it’s just us.  It feels more intimate.  We try to squeeze in some time together during our week — and we have to plan on that because there’s usually the Lolas and the stepson, and we do go out as a couple with friends at times.

We didn’t get to go out to dinner this week so we went for our movie date tonight instead.  We rushed home after dinner, unloaded the groceries, I changed Angel to his pajamas, and then on the pretext that Mama and Papa were going to work, Alan and I hied off to watch DEJA VU.  It’s one of those movies that you have to go in with no other expectation than to be entertained because it does not have a logical plot.  Maybe it’s Denzel Washington and an obviously paunchy Val Kilmer that makes it believable, but you leave the moviehouse feeling like the good guys won. Let me leave it at that.  Again, I don’t claim to be a cinephile.. I’m just one of those ordinary people who walk into a moviehouse hoping to be entertained.  And Deja Vu did that for me.

I had this strange urge to scribble something while watching the movie but the thought escapes me now.  I can’t even remember what it was that I wanted to write about. 

It’s minutes to midnight but Alan is busy working on the laundry — I can actually slip off and just sleep but I want to stay up and help him fold later.  Angel is snoring away.  He stirred but I soon put him to sleep just by holding him.  And here I am blabbing on.  Blogging, as you probably have figured out by now, is one of my vices.  It’s one of the luxuries I afford myself.  I like it because it’s effortless and it’s rewarding, not just because I get to go back to my thoughts from way back whenever I want to, but because it gives me a sense of community.

Blogging is now part of my routine.  It’s so much easier than filling up an online journal via HTML which I used to do.  I visited my personal pages and it’s been ages since I updated them.  I’m thinking of streamlining them into a blog-like format, but there are too many memories and too much material in those websites to totally revamp it.  Some things are better left the way they have always been.

I still visit from time to time — I check the guestbook.  There are actually people who contact me through those guestbooks.. friends of old from a previous life.  Once in a while, someone will stop by and leave me a note.

Time to hit the “publish” button before Sunday finds me here. 


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