Kudos to all who acknowledged Jan Nieto

I’ll say it again — all the finalists were very talented Filipinos who make me proud to be one.  You can see that we can pit talents against the best in the world and it has been proven once again by the crop of amateur talent brought forth by the first season of Philippine Idol.  Like Bridget and Jher, I cannot wait for the next season of Philippine Idol.

From Augustman: WOW! The first BLOG section I have read exclusively dedicated to Jan? Better late than never. As a Pinoy living in Michigan it’s nice to see this. Perhaps we have similar taste, now that we have been exposed to western culture for ages (right?). The judges have been crowing about the international style of Gian, but I do feel that Jan has the more sophisticated universal flair and appeal. Oh, well….we will know the results in just a very few hours more. Ciao!

From Jerome aka Bridget Jones: my dearest dinna! congratulations to jan indeed! his journey has just started and I agree with Ryan Cayabyab when he said that he is the perfect example for people who want to make it in the entertainment industry (and in life). he has showed everyone that following your passion and your heart is very important. and with hard work, one can achieve his/her dream. he has worked very hard the entire season and this has been evident week after week, performance after performance, acknowledging that the talent he has is raw compared to the theater-experienced Gian and the professional contestant Mau. With that, hats off to Jan. I assure him, he will go a long, long way as an entertainer. I wish I could interview him noh? hugs to you, d! 🙂

From Lani of Worthless Anik-anik:   Yes, Jan is really good now. I know he will go a long way as an entertainer not just because he is talented, but because he is POGI talaga (lol).

From cool mommie: hi! i too am a fan of jan nieto. and like you i won’t go about bashing the other contestants. it just so happens that when you do see him and hear him sing, you know that he sings from his heart. it’s not just for show. you can feel his sincerity & humility, it’s actually not something you would expect from someone with his upbringing & background. i think it just shows the kind of family that he has. i’m very saddened that he didin’t get the title. even my 6 year old daughter is disappointed. 🙂 but for me he is still my philippine idol. i hope to see more of him soon!

Watch out for updates on Jankurtnieto.net.   Again, many thanks.. congratulations to Mau, Gian and Jan..

Taking the cue from Bridget.. here's our Christmas tree


I’ve always said that Christmas is my favorite time of the year.. and although I now sometimes see real snow and it does become a white Christmas, it continues to be a very special holiday for me because of memories of Christmases of old. 

I’m taking Bridget’s lead and posting our Christmas tree.  Like Bridget, I try to do a theme every year, and while we had decided it would be a predominantly silver tree last year, we opted to forego the Christmas tree because we were afraid Angel would grab the trimmings.  That’s the reason why this year’s theme is silver..   I cannot really do just one color scheme because there are certain ornaments that just have to be on the tree, whatever my theme for the year is. It’s not quite as bongga as Bridget’s but I’m keeping it simple this year.. Christmas is not as big here as it is back home, so I try to bring the Christmases I knew of old to the ones we celebrate here in New York.

Where’s your Christmas tree?