Fell asleep on my scrapbook and blog

I don’t know if it was because I was just simply tired or lying next to Angel relaxes me so much that I accidentally fell asleep on everything I was doing last night.  I lay down just after 10PM and never woke up.  So Alan did the laundry and just put it aside.. I don’t want him folding Angel’s clothes alone because I want it done a certain way depending on the article of clothing.

I was also layouting some photos for a part of my scrapbook which is moving rather slowly but the point is, it’s moving.  This is what I mean when I put down a list of things to do in my mind but never get around to doing it.  So the letters I meant to finish and mail today remain unfinished, although I have the envelope and the stamps in my bag.  Some things, we just cannot help but postpone, so I’m not killing myself over it.

That’s motherhood for you!

Mad, Mad Stepmom

I had things to do last night which had to be postponed because I wanted to stay out of the “war zone”.  Angel was finally asleep a little after 9PM and the coffee was ready to brew the next morning.  I had set aside things to do in the evening and was just updating my blog when I overheard the stepson in the room of the Lolas, berating his grandmother because he couldn’t find his charger.  (For the PSP II presumably.) 

He kept grilling his grandmother about who had fixed his things (put away his mess, which, my Mom told me the next morning was his own Lola) and if his Dad or I had taken his charger.  (And what use would we have for that anyway?)  He went outside to accost his Dad who told him the same thing as what was in my mind — we didn’t have any business with that charger he couldn’t find.

I did not intervene although his tone was beginning to get to me, until I realized he had turned on the lights and he was getting extremely agitated, banging things around.  Then I thought to myself, wait a minute, MY mom is in there, sleeping after a long day taking care of my son and cooking dinner for us.

I stood up and told him in a firm voice to get out of the room and just look for whatever it was the next morning.  It was almost midnight and MY MOM WAS ALREADY RESTING.  When my Mom and I talked about it this morning, I knew she was rather upset at the inconsiderate behavior of the stepson and I couldn’t help but seethe in anger but that was all I could do.

I don’t know if he found his charger, and he tried to watch with the TV or listen to the radio on full blast in defiance, but I just had to avoid another confrontation which I saw was coming because of his behavior so I retreated to the bedroom.  I am not always as successful in avoiding confrontation, but I’m proud of the fact that I did.  Then again, tomorrow is another day, and I don’t know if I’ll be successful again.