My Wednesday Evening

I’ve finally folded and put aside Angel’s clothes, but I have to clear the kitchen and get tomorrow’s coffee ready to brew.  I just wanted to be able to post here before I turn in.

For some reason, Angel didn’t want to go to bed with his Dad and was in tears while waiting for me to set aside the laundry so I could hug him to sleep.  I find that cute and at the same time a tad bit worrisome, because I don’t want him getting overly emotional about simple things.  Then again, he’s barely three years old.. he will learn in time.

I’ve been busy with my scrapbook.  In fact after I encode this post and publish it, and I’m done with the kitchen and the last of the chores, I need to put together a few things to continue with the scrapbook.  Putting everything down on hard copy is a not just a tedious process but it can mean doing and redoing layouts.  I’m getting there..

Time to get things done.. minutes to midnight, and I have at least an hour’s work more to go..