Christmas shopping the Sunday before Christmas weekend

I know I vowed to start shopping for and making Christmas presents early on.. the Paris trip, plus the usual, got in the way, so it’s only now that we are actually doing our Christmas shopping in earnest.

Mom came with Alan and Angel and I to Tanger over at Riverhead.  We were expecting a throng of people there, and although there were a lot of shoppers, it wasn’t as crazy as we expected it to be.

The bargains were there but not as good as Mom had hoped.  Her favorite Ralph Lauren towels weren’t quite on sale yet, so she left with only a bedsheet in her shopping bag.  I got the same bedsheet and decided against getting the matching King pillowcases because my pillows are all standard. 

I had been planning on getting a white puff jacket without the fur trim (asthmatic, you know..), and I got the perfect one with cable knitting trim from Guess.  Mom got a black purse there as well, and a pair of shoes at her favorite Naturalizer.  My best find, though, was the bookstore going out of business which was selling all hardbound books and audiobooks for $2.00 each and the paperbacks for $1.00.  It’s a good thing I saw that on my way back to the car at the end of the day or I would have carted more than the 10 books I ended up buying.

There was still a semblance of order with the fiction books still arranged by author, but many of them were unfamiliar to me.  I picked up a couple of travel guides for a friend visiting New York next year, and then I chose the other books because I was familiar with the author or found the title intriguing.  (Separate post coming on my finds..)

I resisted the urge to go into Gap or Old Navy after having shopped at Banana Republic.  After shopping for Angel on and the Osh Kosh B’Gosh store in The Source over at Garden City, Long Island, I successfully restrained myself from getting him any more outfits. 

Halfway done but not quite yet..