The Pinay New Yorker Recommends: Dangerous Dick

After the INS was so gracious to give me a work permit in December 2000, I landed a Senior Account Executive position with a Manhattan Public Relations company which I would rather leave unnamed here.  (Don’t’ want to give them free publicity..)  It was in this job, which I held for all of three months before my whole division was retrenched, that I met Dick Wolfe who was my boss.

Alan got an e-mail alert today announcing to all that he has finally joined us blogging denizens of the web via .  It’s about time!  If anyone can write, Dick can.  He does it for a living.. I can’t wait to see what’s going to turn up in his blog.

While we worked together for only three months, we have been friends eversince.  When I first thought of putting up an e-commerce website (which is currently in web limbo, waiting for a burst of genius which continues to elude me), I called him up to discuss it.  But it turned out he had even better and bigger news.. I can remember that special twinkle in his eyes as he told me he had found someone special who turned out to be Filipina-American.  They later got married in a romantic ceremony off the beach in Jamaica, and I was fortunate enough to have been invited to their wedding reception here in Manhattan later.  It was at that same party that I sought out one of his sons who I met for the first time, and I made sure to tell him about how proud his father was of him and his brother.  He is now the proud Dad of another Filipino-American and the boy has his father’s good looks.  I am almost sure he will have his father’s gift of gab and charm — you can see it in the boy’s eyes.

But I am so happy to welcome Dick as he shares with us A strange mix of sensitivity coupled with a penchant for blunt, un-PC observation. “  It’s about time!