Last minute shopping

It seems like all of New York was still going crazy trying to do some last minute shopping as we braved the mall and our favorite Target branch.  All hell almost broke loose as people tried to figure out which line was heading towards which open cashier while everyone was cursing under their breath complaining why they didn’t have more cash registers open.  (Maybe Target management forgot that it’s the night before Christmas eve..)

We got home before midnight with practically everything done.  Now I have to spend the rest of the night wrapping gifts while the little tyke is asleep.  (Finally gave up just before 2AM..)  We’re all excited!  Alan and I most specially since we can’t wait to see Angel’s reaction to the gifts he will be getting.  We’ve already been telling him how he’s supposed to receive a lot of presents tomorrow because I had told Santa he had been such a good boy all year.

We also got the presents for the Lolas.  I think it’s going to be a good Christmas.. it’s extra special because Angel is now more appreciative of the spirit of the occasion.  Each Christmas only keeps getting better!