When sleep takes me over

I thought I wouldn’t make it to the end of the day but I did.  I guess it was because it was the time of the month.. plus I’ve been very tired the past few days.  I woke up fresh this morning thanks to the fact that Angel made sure I was in bed before 10PM.  Meanwhile, father and son are still asleep next to each other.  Mornings like this, I hate waking them up.  Even my scrapbook has taken a backseat to my headache so I didn’t really get to do much yesterday.. I hope to so some catch up today and maybe post something at Pinay Francophile.

I didn’t even get beyond booting the laptop last night.  So here I am with my belated blogpost. 

We just wound up one holiday and we’re heading into another weekend.  It shouldn’t be half as exhausting because although we do a New Year’s eve Noche Buena, too, it means less parties to divide our time between.  I am also excited because Alan and I got a new gas range yesterday.  This is special because it’s our first own gas range, having moved into the unit with this ancient circa 70s unit which started to fall apart on me.  (Even our first apartment rental came with an electric range and ref which is standard for all units here.)   It’s arriving on Saturday which is also an excuse to redecorate that corner of my tiny kitchen because what we currently have is a double oven and we don’t think the wallpaper of the previous occupant covers the space behind the tall unit we’re replacing. 

My coffeemaker just stopped gurgling so I guess it’s time to make my coffee and get ready for work.  Thank God it’s a short week.. shorter still because the boss is out the last two days.

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