Looking forward to the year ahead

No matter how bad things were in the past, I would always look forward to the coming year with hope.  2006 was a good year for me on the whole, so I have more things to look forward to in 2007.  I know things can only get better.

My son continues to grow before my very eyes, and each day is a new revelation.  Alan and I are now on our 6th year of marriage which is quite a feat for Alan and almost as good as my longest relationship in terms of length of time, but definitely better in terms of quality and strength.  Alan and I have had our challenges this year but we have come out stronger and better partners, lovers and friends.

My parents continue to enjoy good health, and once more, I have been blessed with Mom’s presence in Angel’s life.  Although 2007 sees her leaving us for good, I have at least 6 months of the year to make the most of the grandmother-grandson bond that they share. 

I was blessed to have had the chance to take two important journeys — the first being my homecoming after almost 4 years of being away in April of this year (my last trip home was in December 2002), and then my return trip to Paris in late November.  While I know it is asking for a lot to hope for another trip home in 2007, who knows?  All I can think of is that my father is advancing in years and I never know when the phone will ring with bad news about his health.  Nothing can really make me get used to missing my siblings who all are back in Manila.

I have spent a year with the new boss who has definitely made me look at work in a different manner.  For the past year, I have never gone to work with dread or anxiety.  We have finally gotten into the groove of working together and I can say we have gotten to know each other better in the last 12 months to make the next 12 something to look forward to.

I may not have done as much as I had wanted to for myself, and I know I have fallen short of many of my personal goals — but goals unmet cannot measure to the other unexpected achievements I have made so I am not disappointed.   Things will take care of themselves — they always have because He takes care of me and my family.

Here’s to another blessed year ahead for all of us!

The Bryant Park Tiangge

The Shops at Bryant Park
Goodies everywhere!
Last Minute shopping?
Bryant Park Tiangge 2
Bryant Park Tiangge 1
The buildings beyond the park on the 40th St side
Eversince I started roaming Manhattan as a tourist in 2000, I have always loved Bryant Park.  Alan used to work in one of the buildings on Park Avenue, and I would walk to the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue (between 42nd and 40th) or the Manhattan Public Library across the street (corner of Fifth Avenue and 40th) for internet access during the day, and just to while the hours away.  Alan and I would usually go into the city together, I would roam, we’d meet up for lunch, I’d go around again, and then we’d go home together.  He let me go into the city with him at least once a week the first six months I was here until I finally got my work permit and started working on 39th Street, a stone’s throw away.
This Christmas, we have our own Bryant Park “tiangge” which I got the chance to photograph last Friday on my way to Alan’s hotel for their company holiday party.  I didn’t get to check out the stores but what I saw was pretty interesting.  It reminds me of our own tiangges back home — not quite the same, but it invokes the same holiday spirit and the urge to shop, shop, shop.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to visit Union Square and Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall before the holidays are over for a look see at their own bazaars — their offerings are quite diverse and make for interesting gifts.  No more giftgiving for me to do, though — so I’ll just be browsing.