Anyone say "Macarons"?

Who would have thought we’d ever hit 70 degrees in the middle of winter?  Alan and I had decided to spend some time in the city today no matter what the weather because he was going to a spa with some friends, and we thought it would be a good day to bring Angel around the city.  The weather was just lovely!

Angel and I spent time at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) for the good part of an hour before going around Midtown.  He has been going to the museums at least once every year since he was born and it’s a good way to get him acclimated to color and art in general.  I try to keep it simple — nothing fancy.  The biggest attraction for him beyond the “pictures” was the Maserati on display and this giant helicopter suspended in once cavity between floors, along with the echo his voice created when he spoke a little louder.  (I had a hard time convincing him everyone was trying to keep quiet — but people in general were very tolerant.)

I finally got the chance to grab some macarons from Fauchon’s on 56th and Park Avenue.  They only had four flavors: lemon, pistacchio, chocolate and raspberry, and since I like my macarons sweet rather than tart, I stuck with the pistacchio.  The staff were so enamored by Angel he got a free chocolate macaron which was sweet of them considering it was $2.25 for the small (bite size) ones, and $5.00 for the bigger ones.  Still reasonable considering it was just under Euro2 for the small ones and Euro3 and change for the bigger ones in Paris.. but Paris is Paris..

The macarons, being from Fauchon’s, were the right consistency and bite, but the ganache or filling in the middle was a little too runny.  Could it be the milder climate?  I’m wondering.. The size was also a little smaller, but then you have to hand it to them for producing this “cookie” as they would in their Paris pattiseries.  Delicious.. definitely now one of my favorite comfort foods.. 

Friday Fish, Lotto & Me Time

I bought 5 quick pick $1 tickets for tonight’s Mega Lotto draw.  I put names on each ticket as a “gift” to my Mom, my sister, my brother Nikki, Audrey and Art (my niece and nephew,  children of my brother, Abril), and myself.  The pot is $100M+.  After taxes and 26 years in interest is deducted, the pot is still a hefty $50M more or less.  That leaves plenty to go around — even if I have to split it with one or two other ticketholders.  Now, wouldn’t it be nice if I or any of my tickets won?

I didn’t want to start thinking about what I would do if I won so I started thinking about dinner instead.  I went local on the way home tonight so I was off to my favorite Chinese grocery on Main Street, Hong Kong supermarket.  I knew I wanted fish — in the end I walked out with a salmon head (for some yummy sinigang), a whole striped bass I will probably broil tomorrow or on Sunday, and some Sukiyaki Beef for a little Negamaki.  I picked up son seaweed salad and sushi on the way out for the Lolas and I.  Alan is out with his officemates for Jimmy & Andrinna’s despedida.  (This is the same couple who gave me my Zurich mug and who are leaving to move to Vancouver by next week.)  I passed on the night out because I wanted to see Angel before he went to bed, and I didn’t want to have Alan rushing to go home because I don’t want to keep my Mom up too late.

I have around two dozen scrapbook layouts to piece together once Angel is asleep, so I might not go beyond this post tonight.  (I actually wrote this on a paper table while on the bus on the way home.)  I have my sinigang na ulo ng salmon to look forward to.. yum!