Friday Fish, Lotto & Me Time

I bought 5 quick pick $1 tickets for tonight’s Mega Lotto draw.  I put names on each ticket as a “gift” to my Mom, my sister, my brother Nikki, Audrey and Art (my niece and nephew,  children of my brother, Abril), and myself.  The pot is $100M+.  After taxes and 26 years in interest is deducted, the pot is still a hefty $50M more or less.  That leaves plenty to go around — even if I have to split it with one or two other ticketholders.  Now, wouldn’t it be nice if I or any of my tickets won?

I didn’t want to start thinking about what I would do if I won so I started thinking about dinner instead.  I went local on the way home tonight so I was off to my favorite Chinese grocery on Main Street, Hong Kong supermarket.  I knew I wanted fish — in the end I walked out with a salmon head (for some yummy sinigang), a whole striped bass I will probably broil tomorrow or on Sunday, and some Sukiyaki Beef for a little Negamaki.  I picked up son seaweed salad and sushi on the way out for the Lolas and I.  Alan is out with his officemates for Jimmy & Andrinna’s despedida.  (This is the same couple who gave me my Zurich mug and who are leaving to move to Vancouver by next week.)  I passed on the night out because I wanted to see Angel before he went to bed, and I didn’t want to have Alan rushing to go home because I don’t want to keep my Mom up too late.

I have around two dozen scrapbook layouts to piece together once Angel is asleep, so I might not go beyond this post tonight.  (I actually wrote this on a paper table while on the bus on the way home.)  I have my sinigang na ulo ng salmon to look forward to.. yum!

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