My visit to the Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Paris

I have known about the “Miraculous Medal” since I was a child, but I didn’t realize the shrine devoted to it was in Paris until after I returned from my first trip there last February 2005.  This time around, I just had to go and I made sure I did.  This was a special pilgrimage for me, and I hope to go back should I get the chance to go again.. next time. 

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I emerged from this Metro stop on Rue de Bac.
The nondescript gate to the Chapel premises is something you have to watch out for..

A view of the main altar from the sidelines on the ground floor



2007 Goals

I had started writing this post on New Year’s Day but had left it hanging and unfinished as a draft.  I had a list of 2007 Resolutions and 2007 Goals.  I often cannot help but be carried away with everyone setting theirs — but I think I’m going into 2007 with a more realistic approach.  Like Jher, I’m setting goals.  So I totally erased my list of resolutions without even going over it and starting fresh with list of goals.  Call it my wish list or task list for the year ahead.  My target is to accomplish even just two-thirds of what I write here.

My 2007 Goals

1.  Watch something on Broadway or Off-Broadway (or even off-off-Broadway) at least once a quarter.  You’d think that being in the same state where the Great White Way would make me a Broadway patron.  Nope.  I only managed one musicale this year, and that was an anniversary gift:  The Wedding Singer, five rows from the front.  So far we’ve managed to average one a year.  Not too good — so that needs some working on.

2.  Get back into shape and into my size 10 clothes again.  A month ago, I was a size 14.  Over the holidays, when I shopped, I was pleasantly surprised to realize I could now fit into a 12.  While I had managed to slide down to an 8 before I got pregnant, I’m setting a reasonable goal — a 10.  Besides, half my clothes are 10s and I’d like to start wearing them again.

3.  Go to the gym at least once a week.  This is to the end of accomplishing no. 2.

4.  Keep my reading pace and finish at least one book a month.  I had lost count of the books I’ve read but I think I’m off to a good start. 

5.  Do more crafts.  The only crafts I really did in 2006 was my scrapbooking.  I want to be able to do more knitting, crochetting and cross stitching.. at least one project for each in 2007.

6.  Be creative in cooking again.  I used to read magazines and research recipes — with my new stove and oven, I’ve fond renewed inspiration to do this again.

7.  Read more to Angel and start him drawing and writing.  We’ve started reading him bedtime stories and I think he’s now ready for longer stories to be read in chapters.  I also think it’s time to get him crayons and maybe some watercolor we can use during the weekends together.

8.  Get my attic organized.  Not just my space, but the whole attic, so we can get the living space organized, too.

9.  Get rid of the clothes I no longer wear.  Sometimes, it’s so hard to get rid of something not because I wish they’d go back in fashion but because I just liked wearing something at one point in time.  This time, I know I need to start making room for the ones I do wear.  Besides, Mom’s special project, giving away clothes to her poor kababayans in Bulan, Sorsogon can always use additional items.

10.  Become conversant in French by June or before I return to Paris, whichever comes first.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed I will be able to return to Paris in 2007, and hopefully, just as Alan and I have been planning, with Angel in tow.  It sure would be nice if I can at least converse somehow in passable French by then.

Here’s to a prosperous and blessed New year for all of us!

Our MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art)

Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s the newest buildings and the hottest museum ticket in town, or the fact that it’s so easily accessible in Midtown, or perhaps the fact that my corporate ID gets me there free (but I can do the same with the American Museum of Natural History) — but the MoMA or the Museum of Modern Art is a personal favorite attraction.  Here are some of the pictures I took with Angel in tow. 

Rest your mouse to see the caption, or click on any of the photos to be taken to a separate website for the bigger versions. 

Hope on over to Motherhood, etc. for a related post featuring Angel and his favorite exhibit: the Maserati on the 2nd level.

Van Gogh
The second level of MoMA
Inside MoMA 1
I love taking photos of the reflection on the MoMA facade
The MoMA interior: a view from above

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Screenshots: The Good Shepherd

Alan is the cinephile in the house and we’ve been planning on watching movie after movie but hardly have time to do it.  Although we are trying to maximize the fact that my Mom is still here to watch Angel when we go out, I try not to abuse that by choosing our timing and the activities we do. 

While we missed THE DEPARTED, we made time for THE GOOD SHEPHERD this evening.  It’s a pretty long movie but well worth the almost three hours.  Matt Damon, as always, conquers the screen with his underacting.  The younger kids would say this is a “talking movie” — there is some action in it but it’s more of a suspense thriller.  You see the story unravel in a way that keeps you guessing but which you see coming together in the end.  So if you get lost in the beginning, you will have a difficult time piecing the different timelines because the story keeps moving back and forth, although the date captions are helpful in giving context to the scene.  This is one of the few directorial works of Robert De Niro and it is worth the wait between the movies he directs.  The critics did not take kindly to this second movie from De Niro, but as your average movie patron, I left the moviehouse entertained.

There are a lot of one-liners that will be etched in your memory — and there are punchlines which you will only catch if you give the movie your full attention.