Fickle-minded weather

From the 70s last Saturday to the 40s which feels like the 30s today.  Brrrrrr….. and the weathermen this morning were telling us all we might even get flurries tomorrow.  I’m wondering if I should be grateful we’re getting back into what we normally have during this time of year, or should I wish the warmer weather back?  I wish I had that luxury but my asthma is triggered by such fickle-minded weather.  Luckily, I had a relatively short bout this time — I’m home free save for a very mild cold.

Blame it on the fact that I went out dressed appropriately for a cold spring morning, but it was back to a wintery chill at night and my wool coat was in my closet back home.  Thank God I thought of bringing a scarf even if I didn’t wear it on the way out of the house.

I’m busy at work so I really haven’t devoted much time to other pursuits.  I’ve been meaning to write a couple of letters — and I hope to do at least one tomorrow.  I am also preparing some magazines and pictures I mean to send home as I expect I’ll be shipping something to Manila soon.

At work, I put away all my Christmas decor into a small box I’ll be storing for the following year.  Our Christmas tree is slowly being taken apart, but I probably won’t have it stowed until the weekend.  Another holiday done..

Meanwhile, I tried to cut up some of the maps I brought home from the Paris trip to use as embellishments and backgrounds for my Paris pages.  I like going through the scrapbook and working on it because it helps me to relive the trip in a different way.  And the rainy day we had helps bring me back to those rainy days in Paris.

Time for me to hit the sack.. it’s almost midnight.  Coffee’s ready to brew tomorrow. I set the programmer to just a few minutes after 6AM.  So tomorrow I will wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee… and another day.. here in New York with our fickle-minded weather.