Winter's back

It was just too good to be true.. Winter’s back.  I left the house wearing my fuschia pink wool coat.  It’s the type of fuschia you’d have to love to wear.  Just the type of fuschia I truly love.  I can be in a plain grey ensemble and spice it all up with the bold coat.  The fact that the coat keeps me warm despite the very cold breeze is just a plus.

Makes me wonder how things are in Manila.  My Tuesday evening, their Wednesday morning.  I’m homesick again — probably because I spoke with my brother this morning.  It makes me think about the homecoming last April.  It’s never long enough.

It was another busy day at work but I got a lot done.  I got home really tired but all that is forgotten once my little Angel kisses me when I enter the living room, and he starts making me smile.  It even makes the walk through the wintery breeze trivial.

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