Busy, I have been..

With work.. with my scrapbook.. with a thousand and one other things like Angel’s laundry tonight.  Alan did the laundry but I do majority of the folding because I sort them a certain way so I know where to find which piece of clothing.  I put away the macaroni salad Alan and I are bringing to work for lunch tomorrow.  I decided it was too late in the night to take pictures of the new additions to my Starbucks mug collection (so that can wait until the weekend), and I was otherwise too tired to do more scrapbook layouts.

I do have to start (and hopefully finish) some letters for home tomorrow.  I’m sending something home over the weekend and I want to be able to send the pictures and letters along with it.  So many things left unfinished and yet to be started.  I wish there were 48 hours to a day but that is not the case.

At least I’ve been reading my book, JOIE DE VIVRE.. I’ve even started reading another one.  (My reading list is growing by the week!  Somehow, as crazy as that may sound, I’m overjoyed!)  There is hope that by the end of the month, I would’ve finished reading at least 2.. hopefully four.  (That’s a pretty ambitious target..)

The inspiration to write a post here has eluded me this whole week.  Perhaps it’s because there are too many thing I want to write about so I have ended up writing about inconsequential things.  At times I even think of foregoing posting, but then I remind myself it’s my daily journal.  If it were a longhand diary, I’d feel compelled to write something, no matter how short.

We’re beginning a long weekend tomorrow.  It’s Martin Luther King day on Monday, and New York has always been one of the states observing it.  So Alan and I are looking forward to spending time with our little one.  Weekends are always special if only because it means spending time with him.

I hope it slows down in the office this Friday.. I hope the boss sends me home early.  Not that I will head home — Alan and I are taking out a colleague of his from the Paris office. =)  We’re going to a restaurant we’ve visited once before, but which deserves mention here, but not until after we go.  That’ll have to wait until after the weekend..