Did you say "COLD"?

My face was stinging with the cold as I walked out the house this morning — and to think I was bundled up, wearing my hat, gloves and my wool coat.  I thought that was good enough but I still felt terribly cold going home tonight.  So I think I’m going to take out my full length coat for tomorrow, because the weatherman said the cold wasn’t letting up.  In fact we’re being warned about the possibility of snow closer to the weekend.

I loved snow the first time I saw it, but it was more the novelty of seeing it and experiencing it for the first time.  And did I get a good dose of snow with a snowstorm hitting New York during my first winter here.  I also had to trudge through a foot high of snow the morning after to pick up some herbal tea for Alan who got hit with a bad case of the flu through that storm.  It’s pretty when it falls, but once it’s done and it starts melting and turning to mush, you can’t wait to see the first signs of spring.

I’m a “summer” person.  As I tell the people who proudly declare they prefer the cold, I come from a place where it’s summer all year round if you use New York weather as a yardstick. 

I’ll live.. meanwhile, time to turn in.  Just finished piecing together a half dozen pairs of 12×12 layouts for the scrapbook.  I’m now on the trip to Chartres, and I’ve been learning more about the place as I have been researching online for the journaling.  It makes me want to go back, but there is so much for France to see.  Next time we hope to go to Lyon, and spend half the vacation there, half in Paris.