St. Paul College of Quezon City High School Batch '83

I can’t believe our batch is celebrating it’s silver jubilee next year.  Now I’ve effectively dated myself — then again, I never made any bones about the fact that I turned 40 last year. 

I spent most of my free time trying to update the SPCQC High school ’83 website.  Thanks to Millet‘s genuis of a masthead, I have something to work with.  Meanwhile, we’re putting together a digital yearbook — if only we could get people to answer the questionnaire.

Do you know anyone from my batch?  The better known members of the batch are Liezl Sumilang, Toni Daya, Tweetie de Leon, Sienna Olaso (of Batibot and O-ha! fame), Ida Marie Miranda.. we’d love to hear from the others who have been “missing in action” for one reason or another.

A few have stumbled onto my blog and have found their way to the batch e-group.  We’re really pulling all stops to get this going — Hark, daughters of the great St. Paul as they say!