Silence on the blogfront

I haven’t been able to post here because too many other things have been occupying me — not to mention the fact that my connection in the evening is a challenge when I’m doing it on the bed away from the router.  This morning, though, I vowed I would begin the day by posting.

It’s freezing cold outside — supposed to be one of the coldest if not the coldest of the year.  So it’s extra bundling up for us today so that we can battle the bitter cold outside.  I don’t think it’s getting any better during the weekend. =(

Days like this make me wish for the warm and hot, sticky days in Manila.  You think you have it bad back there — but imagine the biting cold of winter, and the dry heat of summer.  Not a good combination, even if you say it’s in the land of Uncle Sam. 

Time to brave the cold..