Looking back in time..

My high school batch is trying to get ready for our silver jubilee reunion, but it’s a little difficult to jump start the effort when only a fraction of the 300+ or so members of the batch are actually into pulling this off.  Plus there’s the added pressure of a just concluded silver jubilee of the year ahead of us a few days ago.

If there’s an upside, it’s the fact that we are getting to know friends we grew up through elementary and high school as adults and professionals now.  One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the fact that with so many different personalities, clashes are unavoidable.  The so-called peacemakers are torn between putting their foot down or staying neutral, and sadly, the latter is the safer choice when you’re trying to balance all the different interests at play.  It’s not easy, that’s why I’ve opted to just stay in the background and involve myself with the website.

There are only four of us working together to upload a digital yearbook — two fantastic graphic artists, an Editor-in-chief for the yearbook, and myself as Web Administrator.  I would love to spearhead the e-zine, but I only have two hands and one brain, I cannot focus on more than one aspect of the website at a time.  Outside the batch project, we all have our private lives which preoccupy us 95% of the time.  Yet we’re all excited, even if three of us are outside Manila right now and are thinking but not yet sure about going home to attend the reunion in person. 

That would be a treat.. =)  More so when I think about hearing and seeing the graduation song sung again — a song I composed way back which became special to the members of the batch.  I’m thinking of extending the song and adding a verse and a revised refrain to talk about being here 25 years after we said goodbye during graduation.  I’m looking to the heavens for the inspiration — but really, the inspiration is all inside.

All I have to do is go back to those days and look at where we are right now.  I just have to remember my dear friends from those days of innocence… and I have a thousand and one memories to take me back.

Those were the days..